Create an outstanding kaleidoscope photo effect

Add awesome fractal prism effect

  • Prism filters

    Apply prism filters to your photos and videos

  • 14 unique crystal filters

    Give your photos a dreamy, mysterious look

  • Animation

    Turn photos into distinctive animations

  • Photos and videos editor

    Easily apply prism filter lens effect on both photos and videos

  • Instant preview

    See how your photos with the fractal lens prism effect would be in real-time

  • Instant share to social media

    Share your ready for likes perfect photo to all popular platforms

See it in action

How It Works?

Three simple steps to get your perfect photo or video with the kaleidoscope prism effect

Select your original photo you’d like to add lensfx effect to

Choose the perfect style with the selected prism filter lens effect for your image

Share ready and edited photos with the prism filter lens effect to your social media directly from the app or save it to the gallery.

14 ready-for-use prism effect styles


Select the trinity prism lens effect

Signs lens fx effect

Select the signs lens fx for your photo

Grid lensfx photography

Choose lensfx kaleidoscope photo effect

Banquet fractal filters prism for photo

Choose banquet fractal filters prism for photo

Mercury prism filter lens effect

Choose an outstanding mercury prism filter lens effect

10 more fractal filters in the app

14 awesome prism lens photography and video effects

Select on of the premade prism filter lens effect

  • Awesome photos for Instagram
  • Get WOW effect from the edited photos and videos
  • Ready-made 14 kaleidoscope photo effects

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Frequently Asked Questions

Subscriptions are managed by Android and you could cancel Crystaliq subscription in the system settings. Please follow this instruction:
On your Android device, go to your subscriptions in Google Play.
Select the subscription you want to cancel.
Tap Cancel subscription.
Follow the instructions.

Subscriptions are managed by iOS and you could cancel Crystaliq subscription in the system settings. Please follow this instruction from Apple:

There are two ways of using Crystaliq app:
1) add prism lens fx effect to your photo
Pick the original photo and select the necessary style of the photo with the kaleidoscope photo effect

2) add prism lens fx effect to your video
Pick the original video and select the necessary style of the video with the kaleidoscope video effect

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